Designed, engraved, and hand-colored in gold by anonymous artists and craftsmen, the series exists in two versions. The museum's set, known as the "E" series (named for the letter in the lower left corner of the prints in the first group of ten), is believed to be the original, while the "S" series (the letter "S" was substituted for the "E") is considered to be an inferior copy, made within a decade of the first.

Aside from the large, disfiguring collector's stamp in the top, right corner, the bottom third of this sheet has been lost and replaced. Then someone carefully drew in the lower portion of the figure with pen and ink, copying the image and even including a false platemark.

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The Beggar (from the Tarocchi, series E: Conditions of Man, #1), before 1467

engraving hand-colored with gold, . Dudley P. Allen Fund 1924.432.1

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