• Still Life with a Rib of Beef, 1739. Jean-Siméon Chardin (French, 1699–1779). Oil on canvas; 41 x 34 cm. Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, R. T. Miller Jr. Fund 1945.32

Still Life with a Rib of Beef

This still life is a variation of another work by Chardin, painted in 1731. This practice was not an unusual one for the artist, as he created many still lives throughout the 1730s, some quite closely related to one another.

Accepted to the French Academy as a painter of “animals and fruits” in 1728, Chardin maintained his membership throughout his life, attending meetings and holding the position of treasurer from 1755 to 1774. He was also responsible for hanging works of art at the Salon, the Academy’s regular exhibition and one of the premier art events of the period.

Audio: Cody Wiewandt, Oberlin College