Great Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday and helped to make our first TGIF such a success! We hope you had as much fun as we did. If you didn’t make it, you missed quite the party. Wine was flowing freely and everyone had a blast mingling amid the music. If Gauguin could have been there he would definitely have said c'est magnifique! To say the least, everyone enjoyed the fine French wines, the delectable h'ordeuvres and all the amazing art in the Gauguin exhibition. Who wouldn’t have fun with that?

So, if you missed out last week don’t be sad. We’re doing this three more times! This Friday we’re going to be serving absinthe, the Friday after that we are going to celebrate with champagne and then on November 13 there is going to be a special after hours party that will include live music and performance art. www.cma.org/TGIF or www.cma.org/afterhours for more details!


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