Explore art with Gauguin

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at creating art after viewing works in the museum?  We thought you did, and that’s why we’ve included an art exploration gallery in the Gauguin: Paris, 1889 exhibition.

Creating a print

After you’ve experienced the exhibition you can explore Gauguin’s artistic processes with two hands-on art activities.  If you enjoyed the Volpini Suite you can create your own prints with stamps based on sections of Gauguin’s paintings and prints.  Then you can hang your artwork on the exploration gallery’s wall so you’ll be on exhibit right alongside Gauguin … or you can take your creation home.  We’ve even seen some visitors stamping themselves and fashioning their own Gauguin temporary tattoo.

If you like to play with clay we have an activity that allows you to translate 2-D imagery into 3-D.  Gauguin often did this throughout his career using themes like the bather in paintings, drawings and ceramic sculpture.  At this creative station we have examples of Gauguin’s prints that you can use as a basis to make a sculpture or you can draw your own image to translate into three-dimensional art.

This isn’t just for kids either (although it is a great activity if you’re trying to introduce your little ones to art); people of all ages are encouraged to sit down at one of our creative stations and make art Gauguin-style.

If you've created art in our exploration gallery and took a photo, upload it onto Flickr.com and tag it /Gauguin art exploration.

Click here to go to our Flickr site and see pictures of people creating art in the exploration gallery.

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