Meet this year's 300,000th visitors!

On the morning of December 31, the museum reached another exciting milestone: We welcomed our 300,000th visitor this year.

The lucky person was Eric Lasky of Dublin, N.H., which is located outside of Peterborough. He was visiting the museum with his wife Cassie, 4-year-old daughter Charlotte, father Stanley and stepmother Luane.

Mr. Lasky and his family are in town for the holidays to see his father and stepmother, who reside in Cleveland Heights. Originally from Cleveland, he said that he loves the museum and often visits when he returns to the area.

The Laskys received free tickets to the museum’s current exhibition, Paul Gauguin: Paris, 1889, as well as an exhibition catalogue.

As we prepare to welcome a new year, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported the museum and visited in 2009. We hope to see you in the galleries again soon.


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