Introducing the New and Improved ClevelandArt.org

Set a course for adventure and tour the Cleveland Museum of Art’s new web site at www.ClevelandArt.org. The new site will change the way you interact with the museum online, with enhanced access to the collection and the option to customize the information you see.

You can look forward to the following new features:

Collection images at every click: Our world-renowned collection is the star of our new web site, and you'll find collection images sprinkled throughout the eight sections. The new site takes a "play and explore" approach with cards that link to more detailed information on text panels.

Customization: Create a profile to receive web site content tailored to your interests. Film buff? You'll find out about upcoming screenings when you log in to the site. Want to make sure you and your family know when the next round of art classes start? When you log in, you'll immediately have access to the information you selected as most important to you.

Calendar: What a fun way to window shop. Get a 30-day view of all of the events at the museum through this visually rich, interactive calendar, which features more audio and video. Easily connect an event of interest to your Outlook calendar. Act on your interest by purchasing a ticket or sharing the event with a friend on your Facebook page.

Cool content: New content features video and audio perspectives about the collection from curators, staff, and special guests. Behind-the-scenes information provides a window into the world of gallery design and installation, conservation, and our building project progress. We've spruced up all of our content so that you can feel welcome before you ever come through our doors. And, if you're a frequent visitor, we hope the new site keeps you connected and visiting more often.

Intrigued? We hope so. Ready, set, explore.

We've posted a detailed tour of the new features of the site online.



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