Bringing the Museum’s Voices to Life

One of the great features of our new web site is its New Perspectives section. The section brings the voices of the museum to life through video and audio interviews with curators, artists, and even past directors as they reflect on significant pieces of art within our collection.

What's on view currently in New Perspectives?

Stephen Fliegel, curator of medieval art, walks through the exquisite detail of an arm reliquary that will return to view when the first-level galleries in our 1916 building open next month. Listen and learn how reliquaries were used, and then uncover some of the mysteries of this object.

Jane Glaubinger, curator of prints, explains how the museum acquired works from the collection of Cleveland artist Mabel Hewit, whose color woodcuts will be showcased in a special exhibition opening on June 26 to inaugurate the museum’s new prints and drawings galleries.

Michael Bennett, curator of Greek and Roman art, walks through the extraordinary details of the Female Worshipper, the oldest piece of art in the museum’s ancient Greek collection.

Stephen Harrison, curator of decorative art and design, reflects on the Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg by Fabergé, which was created for Czar Nicholas II to give to his wife, the Empress Alexandra.

Paola Morsiani, curator of contemporary art, takes you behind the scenes of an installation of work by Sol LeWitt.

From the archives, the late Sherman Lee, director of the Cleveland Museum of Art from 1958 to 1983, discusses the unique qualities of Asian art, and the late Cleveland artist Viktor Schreckengost shares how one of his most loved pieces ended up in the collection of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

More new perspectives will be added regularly to the site, so we hope you’ll plan to visit often and explore stories behind the works you see at the museum.


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