Beauty Behind the Scenes: About Those Flower Arrangements

There is always something new to see at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Have you ever noticed the flower arrangements in the lobby of the museum’s north entrance?

For 20 years, a new arrangement each week has been provided through the generosity and creativity of the Women's Council of the Cleveland Museum of Art . The arrangements come courtesy of the council’s flower fund through an endowment created to support the purchase of flowers, materials, and professional arrangements to beautify the museum.

"It's part of their mission to create arrangements that fit with what is happening at the moment, to connect with the collection, the time of year, exhibition, and the life of the museum,” said Marianne Bernadotte, chair of the Womens Council. “It's an amazing gift each week from these arrangers out of love of the museum."

Founded in 1941, the Womens Council plays an active support role for the Cleveland Museum of Art. Individually and collectively, members volunteer, provide financial support, and demonstrate interest in the museum’s art collections, exhibitions, and programs.

Below, enjoy a slideshow and details about some of the creations from the summer season.



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