Exhibition Exploration: Treasures of Heaven for Kids

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Exhibition Exploration: Treasures of Heaven for Kids

We recently talked to Thomasine Clark of our Education department about how parents might use the museum’s special exhibition as a great adventure for learning and bonding with their children. She helps plan our family day activities to ensure that there is fun for all ages, so who better to share thoughts on how children might enjoy the current exhibition at an age-appropriate level?

For Kids O-8 years old

Pick a theme to work through as you tour the exhibition. Treat it like a scavenger hunt and have your children work with the theme during the search.

SHAPES: Objects have all sorts of shapes: rectangles, circles, triangles and three-dimensional shapes. How many shapes can you find?

COLORS: Amidst the variety of works, there are a lot of colors being used. Which colors can you identify?

FACES: How many faces can you find in a particular object?

HANDS/GESTURES: What kind of gestures do you see among the objects?

THE SHINY FACTOR: A lot of these objects are made of gold and jewels. Have a discussion about the interesting appearance of these objects.

For Kids 8-14 years old

SCIENCE: The CSI factor is huge in Treasures of Heaven - especially with the reliquaries that house teeth and/or bones. Here’s a great adventure for your budding scientists. With two sarcophagi on view in the second gallery, ask your young visitors to guess what’s inside.

GEOGRAPHY: Oh the places we'll go. The objects on view come from more than 13 countries and there is a great map in the front of the exhibition to help put the places in context. Use the map to go on a scavenger hunt to identify which objects come from which country.

MULTIMEDIA: The reading room inside the exhibition includes a Web site where you can explore many topics related to the exhibition including a glossary and a map of all the places where the objects come from.

For Kids 14 years old and up

There are a lot of subjects that are covered in this exhibition. One idea for older children is to use the exhibition as an opportunity to hone foreign language skills. The Reliquary of St. Baudime hails from France and we included a French translation of the unveiling event earlier on this blog.

Overall, we can vouch that young visitors really enjoy the exhibition. Hear more in these video excerpts in which three youngsters discuss Treasures of Heaven's cool factor.

-- Kesha Williams