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Therese Conway

Therese Conway

From the treasures that adorn the walls to the lush trees that line the lagoon, the Cleveland Museum of Art has long been one of my favorite places. Growing up in Cleveland, a visit to the museum was an exciting adventure for me, since I love both learning about and creating art. Whether it was with school, family or friends a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art was always a treat, and now that I work here, every day is sweet.


Alicia Garr

Alicia Garr

I’m a fourth-generation Clevelander who grew up sketching sarcophagi under the tutelage of CMA art classes. Although the focus of my art history training was in antiquities, since joining the Education staff I have branched out into African, Byzantine, Islamic and Native North American art. Perhaps our paths will cross in the galleries?!


Hajnal Eppley

While I love the fact that I share a building with Picasso and Warhol, my favorite part of my job is exploring art with others! As a member of the education department, I help create experiences for visitors of all ages.





Caroline Smith

As a native of Shaker Heights, I first visited the Cleveland Museum of Art as a child, and I've enjoyed taking museum art classes and sketching in the galleries ever since. A personal favorite from the permanent collection is Harriet Goodhue Hosmer's The Sleeping Faun; I've always been a great admirer of sculpture, and I love the playfulness of this particularly masterful piece. I began my work at CMA as a volunteer in the publications department, and am now a freelance editor at the museum.


Seema Rao

I’ve been working at the Cleveland Museum of Art for almost 10 years now and I still don’t have a favorite piece of art. As part of working in the Education Department, I have to read all sorts of materials about different pieces, see across collections, and be able to give information to visitors about everything. This makes it very hard to narrow down just one piece. I’m very excited to be working with the upcoming learning center and orientation space of the museum’s renovation and expansion project. Come visit me when it’s done!


Meridith Weaver

Some of my earliest and fondest memories of art started with the Cleveland Museum of Art as an elementary student. I enjoy walking through the galleries and having flashbacks to elementary school field trips, still getting the same adrenaline rush from seeing a Picasso painting. As the Communications intern, it is thrilling to work in an environment filled with so much beauty and talent.


Kesha Williams

I have enjoyed museums since I was a young girl growing up in rural South Carolina. When my family relocated to Cleveland, this museum was among our favorite places to visit. I liked it so much that I decided to come work here and manage this blog. I enjoy learning about the all the people and activities behind the scenes that help make us one of the nation's top art museums.







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