Coming Soon: Rembrandt in America

We’re excited that Cleveland will finally be able to experience what more than 150,000 people traveled to N.C. to see. Rembrandt in America will open at the museum on Feb. 19. This exhibition will be the first major exhibition to explore in depth the collecting of Rembrandt paintings in America. Consisting of approximately 50 works, the exhibition will bring together autograph paintings by Rembrandt as well as others thought to be by the artist when they entered American collections but whose attributions can no longer be maintained.

What you’ll learn during the exhibition:

  • a survey of his entire career
  • why Americans have been so interested in collecting Rembrandt paintings
  • how to look closely and make judgments about who created the works

Rembrandt in America examines the arc of Rembrandt’s career and acknowledges his prolific workshop by engaging museum visitors in a process of comparing and contrasting the artworks,” stated Jon Seydl, the Paul J. and Edith Ingalls Vignos, Jr. curator of European paintings and sculpture,1500-1800, at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “Audiences will witness an unprecedented number of authentic Rembrandt paintings, but will have the chance to explore why some works attributed to him have been reconsidered.”

Local and national scholars will join us for lectures throughout the duration of the exhibition and visitors will have the opportunity to participate in art-marking workshops throughout the spring. This is a great time to become a member of the Cleveland Museum of Art if you are not already. Members will receive free admission to this ticketed exhibition and gain access to all the preview events.

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