Two New Ways Get Interactive with Rembrandt in America

New technology meets the work of an Old Master painter in two exciting ways during the course of Cleveland’s Rembrandt in America.

Visitors to the exhibition will find a gallery where visitors may examine Rembrandt’s 1635 Portrait of a Woman using a variety of scientific tools. Portrait of a Woman has long been understood as a work with considerable condition problems. Past restorations have solved some of the issues, but in a few cases, treatments obscured more than they revealed about the painting. As a result, the attribution has been contested and the current condition has hindered the ability to see the picture properly.

The walls of the gallery feature high-resolution images of the painting under different lighting conditions, including ultraviolet, infrared, and x-ray, allowing visitors to examine each approach independently and to consider the role that technical analysis plays in evaluating Old Master paintings. There is also an interactive table that allows for more personal discovery and manipulation of the tools.

Watch a video about the project @ http://goo.gl/wWTcC

The Rembrandt Yourself application on the museum’s Facebook page allows visitors to the page to insert your face into one of four Rembrandt paintings using a profile picture or a web-camera image.

Check out the one that our director David Franklin created to join in on the fun.


Try it for yourself @ http://goo.gl/eF8PT

-- Kesha Williams


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