Member Profile: 20 Years of Participating in Parade the Circle

Every spring, Sawsan Alhaddad looks forward to the Cleveland Museum of Art's Parade the Circle. She has participated in the event for more than 20 years. She started to participate when her daughter Sarah was six years old and it’s been an annual tradition for them since. They only missed last year because of Sarah’s wedding.

"For us, it always meant that summer has started. The Parade was the first thing she did when school was out. She gained confidence by participating in the Parade each year. We have a lot of great memories."

Alhadadad, an anesthesiologist, first visited the museum in 1979 when she began working at the Cleveland Clinic. She's been a supporter and member of the museum for many years.

She and her daughter have made varied costumes over the years. One year she remembers helping her daughter's school group create a coral reef environment out of large batik panels. The children dressed as all the animals you'd find in that environment, including mermaids, of course. Two years ago, she collected lots of plastic packaging from medical supplies to create a large phoenix with moving wings.

Sawsan explaining different parts of the Phoenix to a participant

"It's wonderful to see all sorts of people participating. People from different cultures and with different art skill levels all come together. Everyone does what they like. It's really wonderful to see kids get the chance to be creative and make art. It’s a lot of fun. ”

Join in on the fun. Learn how to create costumes for this year's Parade the Circle through one of our parade workshops. Artists assist participants in making masks, costumes, and giant puppets using papier-mâché, cloth, and recycled materials. Public workshops begin May 4 and continue until the parade on June 9.

Get cost details and workshop times @ http://goo.gl/XUuxo

-- Kesha Williams

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