Behind the Scenes: Meet Mel Horvath

Chances are that if you have been to the museum in the last 30 years you have intersected the work of Mel Horvath. Horvath is one of the men behind all the brochures, flyers, and programs. He also runs the museum copy center. He’s a friendly face around the museum and is known for his knowledge of the people that have worked here over the years and his colorful bulletin board of some of their children.

Q1: How long have you been a staff member at the museum?
A: I first came to the museum to work in the print shop in 1972. I met my wife here and back then they had a rule where spouses could not work here. So I left and came back in 1979 and the rule changed a little later.

I have been here ever since. In 2008, the print shop closed. We use a high-grade copier to produce many things, but the quality is excellent and our customers are happy. Now, we are leaner, smarter, and we can print on demand. We’ve changed the way we think about what we print and the need for print.

Q2: What are you printing this week?
A: We are always busy. This week we are printing 400 invitations for a special donor event, label copy for our next exhibition so that our docents can study it, and a brochure for one of our affiliate groups and a save the date card for our Textile Art Alliance Fashion Show in October. And...I have to be ready for new print jobs as they come up. They always do.

Q3: What do you enjoy most about your job?
It‘s different every day. I enjoy the problem solving. I also enjoy that I get to put smiles on people faces by just making a delivery.

Q4: What do you print?
A: Some things we print here, some we send out of house. Almost everything goes through my shop except the Cleveland Art magazine for members and the exhibition catalogues.

Q5: Do you like art? Are you an artist?
A: I enjoy watching the people who do like art. The kind of art I like is cars and working with my hands. There is craftsmanship and artistry in almost everything.

-- Kesha Williams


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