Recap: Museum Ambassadors Community Day

Each spring, high school students from the Museum Ambassadors program facilitate a Family and Community Day for the public. Hailing from all corners of the Cleveland area, these 10th-12th graders create projects summarizing their experiences at the museum during the past school year. Prior to the April 29th Community Day, students met with museum staff, planned an activity for visitors, and marketed the event in their schools and communities. This year more than 800 visitors participated.

Students from Bedford High School designed studio projects based on four of their favorites from the collection: Gamin by Augusta Savage, Marilyn x 100 by Andy Warhol, The Dream by Salvador Dali , and Turtle Baby by Edith Barretto Parsons Stevens.

During the program year, students develop supporting relationships with their fellow Ambassadors. Students from CASTLE High School enthusiastically participated in the other schools’ activities.

Ambassadors from Strongsville High School were inspired by our current exhibition, Rembrandt in America. These students designed a portrait-painting activity for visitors.

Students from Shaker Heights High School researched ancient Egyptian head ware and worked with visitors to make one of three types of Egyptian hats.

Shaw High School Ambassadors explored the connections between art and music. After painting to different types of music, visitors created frames to hang their works.

Cleveland School of the Arts students asked visitors to design their own installations using groupings of artworks in a mock gallery.

Valley Forge High School Ambassadors explored symbolism in painting and developed a tour for visitors. Students dressed in costume and presented the tour as figures from paintings in our European collection.

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