DIY: By The Numbers

Double-page spread from Desiree Edkins, 2009. Desiree Edkins (American, born 1974). Offset lithography; 16.9 x 17.1 cm (closed). Courtesy of the artist

DIY: Photographers & Books: By the Numbers

On August 11, the museum will open the first museum exhibition to focus on the impact of print-on-demand publishing on the contemporary photographic practice. Instead of images on the wall, the room will be dominated by a long table where a visual banquet of more than 100 photobooks will await the visitor.

We thought it would be fun to consider some other numbers that have informed this exhibition.

Chairs: 20
Exhibition Table Length: 65
Exhibition Room Sq Feet: 1,846
Books Received: 352
Books Featured: 155
Planning Meetings: 10
E-mails Sent: 1,039
Days Exhibition Open: 142
Artists Included: 136
Northeast Ohio Artists Included: 36
Area College Students Included: 4
Countries Represented: 9
Countries Submitted: 13
Essay: approx. 5400 words
Object labels: 11

DIY: Photographers & Books will be on view through December 30, 2012.

-- Kesha Williams


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