Perspective: When I Visit The Cleveland Museum of Art …

One of the highlights of the Ames Family Atrium celebration on October 28, 2012 was the opportunity for visitors to share their thoughts about their experiences at the museum in an interactive post-it board.

By simply answering two prompts, “When I visit The Cleveland Museum of Art” or “I visit The Cleveland Museum of Art when,” friends and visitors inspired fun and warm reflections of great times here past and present. Here are a few of our favorites:

I visit The Cleveland Museum of Art when:

1) I want to see beauty crafted by inspired people.
2) When I need an infusion of CULTURE.
3) When life gets too much, I come in and contemplate…
4) When I want to get my creative juices flowing!!
5) It rains
6) I think of what the painting/sculpture means.

When I visit the Cleveland Museum of Art:

1) I feel at home.
2) I think of my dad who brought me here many times when I was little.
3) I'm inspired and proud to live in Cleveland!!
4) I get so excited because of the beauty here. I think that the Atrium is awesome!

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