Wari: Meet Project Tunic Contestant Shayna Fuller

Designer Shayna Fuller is at the beginning of what looks to be an exciting career. In September 2012, she graduated from Virginia Marti College of Art and Design with a degree in fashion design. Her formal education has prepared her well for future creative endeavors.

Fuller’s working style is slow and methodical. She describes herself as “a pencil-and-paper kind of designer. I sit down and start sketching. I like to think of one design element and generate designs around it.” Despite the length of time required for a garment, Fuller is extremely disciplined and always completes tasks on time.

Currently, Fuller creates unique garments for family and friends who can’t find the fashion item they want in stores or online. She enjoys tackling new challenges to expand her design practice. Recently, she was asked to design a modern Santa suit for the lead singer of the band Downplay to wear during holiday performances.

Given her past experience and education, Fuller is a natural fit for Project Tunic. Her aesthetic is dominated by bright colors and wild patterns—an attribute of Wari art that the designer appreciates. For Project Tunic, she will be creating a two-piece ensemble for the runway, featuring a sleeveless blouse constructed using color blocking and a bubble skirt in a silk chiffon fabric that resembles Wari textiles.

Fuller’s values and understanding of the fashion world will serve her well as she pursues her career. In the near future, she hopes to start an athletic wear line. She understands what it takes to make it in fashion. She says, “You have to be ahead of the curve. Figure out what the next big thing is and create it first.” Given her discipline, maturity, creativity and seriousness, it is quite possible that her design could very well be the next big thing.


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