Recap: Project Tunic

On January 4th, nearly 1300 people cheered on 15 designers as they took the stage in Project Tunic. Four judges – plus a crowd that cast over 400 votes – chose the best designs of the evening, those that incorporated Wari style, demonstrated truly impressive craftsmanship, and displayed a keen sense of fashion and artistry.

 Didn’t make it to Project Tunic? Visit the museum starting January 15 to see a display of the first, second, and third place designs on view in the atrium. It’s definitely worth a trip to examine these garments up close.

In third place, Victoria Johnson-Parratt’s beaded straps, belt, and earrings impressed the judges. The intricate technique and Wari-inspired yet modern design perfectly complements a simple black dress for an elegant, graceful look.

Second place winner Carol James used sprang to create a contemporary tunic. Meant to be worn over black pants and a turtleneck or blouse, this tunic’s use of an unusual technique drew the judges’ attention. James hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and traveled to Cleveland to participate in the event. Check out more of her work and see how she created this tunic on her Web site.

Our first place winner for the whole event was Tracy Jackson, who created a beautiful scarf from bobbin lace that featured a diamond design and figure inspired by the tunics in Wari: Lords of the Ancient Andes. All four of the judges agreed they would definitely wear Tracy’s extraordinary scarf!

Although these works are not displayed, two other prizes were also awarded. The Curator’s Choice award was presented to Debbie Apple-Presser for her wearable art piece inspired by the Wari face-neck jars. The People’s Choice award went to Tina Greenslade, chosen by the audience as their favorite design. Check out more of Tina’s designs here.

Special thanks go to all our contestants, who created incredible works of art for Project Tunic; to the Textile Art Alliance, Judy Gannon and the students of Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, and Yellowcake for putting on fantastic runway shows; to our judges Tina Cassara, Jessica Noelle, Susan Bergh, and Valerie Mayen; to the Kent State Fashion Club for volunteering to model; and to Laura Lee Salon for providing hair and makeup for the Project Tunic contestants.

-        -- Bethany Corriveau, Audience Engagement Specialist




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