Featured Artist: Leandra Drumm

The museum store is proud to feature the work of local artists. This month we highlight the work of Leandra Drumm, a sculpture artist based in Akron, Ohio, Drumm has a series of framed pewter sculptures that comprise warm images of love and family. These one-of-kind pieces are sure to be conversation pieces in any home.


Q1: What inspired the creation of “Loving Couple?”
A: I created this particular image to signify a romantic relationship. Many of the images and ideas that inspire my work come from my own life. Often times my friends and family joke about which one of them it is in my work.

Q2: How did you start your artistic career?
A: I come from a family of artists. Both of my parents are artists; my father is a well-known metal sculptor and my mother works in fiber arts.  My grandfather was also a well-known painter in Erie, Pennsylvania. I have always experienced art, lived art and played with art.
While I was earning my BFA in graphic design I experimented with etching designs on glassware, and creating small sculptures in cast pewter. In recent years I began incorporating stained glass elements with some of the pewter.

Q3: What do you love about making art?
A:  I enjoy telling stories through my work.  I often use fanciful and whimsical characters and elements. I love form and movement and how figures can intertwine to create a storytelling dance of characters.  I try to create aesthetic pieces that are functional.
Q4: What are you working on now?
A: I'm trying to find a way to connect my love of drawing with sculpture, and incorporating more colorful stained glass with pewter elements as an ensemble sculpture.
Q5: As a local artist, what are some of your favorite memories of The Cleveland Museum of Art?
A: I've visited the CMA many times over the years. To foster creativity, it is essential to view and experience a variety of genres and collections from different time periods. We are thankful that the CMA has always provided this opportunity.

Q6: What do you enjoy about making art in Northeast Ohio?
A:    We have two advantages in Northeast Ohio; we have both a vibrant community of local artist as well as a community that is very supportive of the arts. I have always been very grateful for the people who appreciate my work!
Find more about the artist at http://www.leandradrummdesigns.com/

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