Cleveland Image Festival: Help Put Us in the Picture

We all see, interpret, and maybe even produce hundreds or even thousands of photographs every day. Photos are the dominant communications medium of our time. If the Cleveland Image Festival wins one of the grants offered by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, you will have opportunities to up your visual literacy skills; to view and make; to express yourself visually; and to celebrate imaging from daguerreotypes to digital and beyond. Throughout the county, there will be exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, lectures, on-line and interactive projects, pop-ups; and much more. There are currently 17 partner organizations who will contribute programming to the Cleveland Image Festival; more will surely join in the fun.

At the Cleveland Museum of Art, I will organize an exhibition just for the Festival, should we get the grant. Perhaps it will be a show that spans photographic history, juxtaposing prints from the first few decades of the medium in the mid-1850s with still images and videos made on, and specifically for, display on cell phones or tablets. Another thought I’ve had is to display artworks—two-dimensional, sculptures and even interactive works—which explore and play with the physics of light and principles of vision that make photography possible. And I continue to dream about other possibilities. There’s a reason the CAC titled these Creative Culture grants.

If you are a Cuyahoga County resident, please go VOTE and make Cleveland Image Festival your number one choice. Help put us all in the picture. 

-- Barbara Tannenbaum 



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