Make & Take: DIY Stationery Stamping

Make and Take: Craft with Style at the Cleveland Museum of Art is a monthly event where we invite you to create DIY projects in the museum atrium. Each month introduces a new and easy craft to make and take home. This month, in the spirit of the holidays, we focus on festive creations. Patty Edmonson, Intergenerational Interpretation Specialist, shows us how to create one-of-a-kind stationery from stamping:

I love stamping because you can quickly make your own design using materials found around your house—I made this one with string and a wine cork—with surprisingly good results. Textiles from the 1930s inspired my orderly chaos, especially the Century of Progress series, created for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933. I stamped a blank card that I purchased at a craft store, but you can whip up your own in a pinch. With just eight household materials and six easy steps, you can create your own card in less than 15 minutes.


1. Wine cork
2. String
4. Scissors
5. Paper
6. Paint
7. Paint brush
8. Paint palette (I used a styrofoam container that mushrooms come in)

Step 1:

Cut three or four pieces of string, about 4 inches each

Step 2:

Wrap tape around the cork to secure the string in a striped pattern

Step 3:

Spread a bit of paint around your palette with a brush to make your “stamp pad,” and ink up

Step 4:

Stamp your paper in even rows

Step 5:

Rotate your stamp and choose a new position to repeat (I did this three times to create a pattern that has a bit of rhythm)

Step 6:

Voilà! Enjoy your handmade card!

Join us for the next Make & Take: Craft with Style on Wednesday, December 11, as we show you how to create paper garlands for the holidays!


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