World Cups from the Collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art

In honor of the World Cup kick-offs, we've highlighted a number of cups from around the world on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art. See our picks below, and tell us in the comments which is your favorite and why for a chance to win a CMA mug from the museum store

Stem Cup, 1426-1435. China, Jiangxi province, Jingdezhen , Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Xuande mark and period (1426-1435). Porcelain with underglaze blue and overglaze red enamel decoration, Overall - h:9.00 w:9.90 cm (h:3 1/2 w:3 7/8 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1957.60.

Coconut Cup, c. 1630. Carved coconut, probably The Netherlands; silver mount, probably England, 17th century. Carved coconut in silver mount, Overall - h:18.90 cm (h:7 7/16 inches). Given by Mrs. Warren Holmes Corning in memory of her husband and their happy days in the Virgin Islands 1977.77.

Chalice from the Beth Misona Treasure, c. 500-700. Early Byzantium, Constantinople or Syria, Byzantine period, 6th-7th Century. Silver, Overall - h:17.00 w:14.20 cm (h:6 11/16 w:5 9/16 inches) Wt: 300.5 grams. Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1950.378.

Covered Cup, mid-1800s. Bohemia, 19th century. Ruby glass with engraved decoration, Diameter - h:36.50 w:17.50 cm (h:14 5/16 w:6 7/8 inches). Overall - h:59.00 cm (h:23 3/16 inches). Gift of Mrs. S. Prentiss Baldwin 1947.274.

The Wade Cup with Animated Script, 1200-1221. Iran, Seljuk Period, 13th Century. Brass inlaid with silver, Diameter - w:16.10 cm (w:6 5/16 inches). Overall - h:11.50 cm (h:4 1/2 inches). Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1944.485.

Eye Cup, c. 520 BC. Attributed to Psiax (Greek). Red-figure terracotta, Diameter - w:6.40 cm (w:2 1/2 inches). Overall - h:11.20 w:33.60 cm (h:4 3/8 w:13 3/16 inches). Diameter of rim - w:26.00 cm (w:10 3/16 inches). Diameter of foot - w:10.20 cm (w:4 inches). Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1976.89.

Cup, 3rd to 2nd century BC. India, Maurya-Sunga period. Bronze, lost wax technique, Diameter - w:7.00 cm (w:2 3/4 inches). Overall - h:6.00 cm (h:2 5/16 inches). Dudley P. Allen Fund 2001.2.

Covered Cup, c. 1725. Germany, Silesia, 18th century. Glass, Overall - h:27.30 w:7.00 cm (h:10 11/16 w:2 3/4 inches). Base - h:9.30 w:9.80 cm (h:3 5/8 w:3 13/16 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1950.159.a.

Raft Cup, 1345. Attributed to Zhu Bishan (Chinese, c. 1300-aft 1362). Hammered silver soldered together, with chased decoration, Overall - h:16.00 l:20.50 cm (h:6 1/4 l:8 1/16 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1977.7.

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