Explosions and Metaphors: Video Interview with Contemporary Artist Roman Signer

Roman Signer is thought by many to be Switzerland’s most important artist and undoubtedly one of the major figures in international contemporary art since the early 1970s. Signer experiments with everyday objects like chairs, canoes, tables, tents or remote-controlled helicopters and relates them to earth, wind, gunpowder, fire, and water in unexpected ways. What is true for chemistry and physics is also true for Signer’s practice: that from the combination of basic elements something completely new can emerge and that every action has a reaction.

This past July, Signer presented a selection of his films, with commentary, at his only public appearance in the United States at the Cleveland Museum of Art. While here, Signer sat down with the CMA's Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Reto Thüring, for a deeper look at his work and his methods to create his work. 

 This interview is in Swiss-German and subtitled in English.

A selection of Signer’s early Super 8 films and some of his more recent videos that document his spectacular, yet stunningly simple actions and performances are on view now in the contemporary art gallery's Video Project Room


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