The Persistence of Surrealism: Tune into the Holiday Film Festival (Podcast)

The Cleveland Museum of Art possesses one of the oldest museum film programs in the United States. Screening approximately 90 films each year, the museum has presented at least two different feature films every week since 1986, as well as special cinematic events, including the annual Holiday Film Festival.

"The holiday film festival is a long standing tradition here at the museum," said John Ewing, the Cleveland Museum of Art's curator of film. Inspired by the museum's current special exhibition, Forbidden Games: Surrealist and Modernist Photography, this year's holiday film festival, titled The Persistence of Surrealism, features essential classics from nine decades of surrealist cinema: Un Chien Andalou (France, 1929), The Blood of a Poet (France, 1932), Dreams That Money Can Buy (USA, 1947), Daisies (Czechoslovakia, 1966), Food (Czech Republic, 1992), Mulholland Drive (France/USA, 2001), and Holy Motors (France/Germany, 2012).


In our latest podcast, we caught up with Ewing for some insight into each of these films. Take a listen to learn more, and check out the films December 26 through 31 at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


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