Make & Take: Craft Your Own Holiday PomPoms Inspired by the Collection

‘Tis the season for festive decorations! Historically, people have decorated clothing and accessories with these pompoms for hundreds of years (check out the hat in hand here). Let’s explore a few different methods to make pompoms. You can use them to spruce up your holiday gift wrapping or décor, or even sew a big one onto your winter cap. Taken from this month's Make & Take: Craft with Style program, learn how to craft your own pompoms with our tutorials below! 

Great for: A festive garland, or use one instead of a bow on a small gift box


  • Metal fork
  • Soft yarn
  • Scissors


1. Wind your yarn around the tines of the fork, in the center, until you have almost an inch in diameter. Cut the end of the yarn.
2. Cut a 12-inch piece of strand and thread it through the central fork tines, below your wrapped yarn. 
3. Bring your strand around, and begin to tie it around your yarn bundle.
4. Remove your work from the fork, and tie your yarn strand tightly.
5. Cut the looped ends of your yarn bundle. Be careful to keep the strand you tied longer, so that you can use that to tie your pompom onto a package or garland.
6. You will have a lop-sided little pompom that you need to trim. Don’t be shy; trim that little guy down to a nice round pompom! 


Great for: Ornaments or fancy gift toppers


  • Felt
  • String or yarn
  • Scissors


1. Cut small strips of felt, about 3-4 inches long and ½ inch wide. About 20-30 should work, but you can vary the amount.
2. Lay your strips together, across your strand of yarn or string.
3. Tie together tightly.
4. Trim if needed. 
5. By hand, you can arrange the strips to create a fuller appearance.



Great for: Gift topper, or sewn on a hat or worn as a pin


  • Two thin cardboard (like a cereal box) “donuts,” with large central holes and one slit cut through
  • Soft yarn
  • Scissors


1. Cut long strands of yarn.
2. Place your two cardboard donuts together (stagger the slits so they don’t line up), and begin to wrap all your strands together, in and out through the central hole.
3. Wrap until your yarn is finished. You can keep adding more until you can’t fit through the central hole anymore.
4. Begin cutting along the outside edge. After the first cut, you’ll be able to slide your scissors in between the two cardboard donuts.
5. Carefully slide a new strand of yarn in between the two cardboard donuts, and begin to tie.
6. Holding your tied strand in place, slide the cardboard off of your yarn (this is why you cut slits).
7. Now, tie your strand tightly, to form the pompom.
8. Trim it! And you’re done.


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