Your Smart Phones Just Got Smarter: The Cleveland Museum of Art is Now Fully Location-Aware

On behalf of the Cleveland Museum of Art, we’re thrilled to put the knowledge of the museum’s collection into your hands. CMA is a global leader in cutting-edge museum technologies and on-site interpretive materials. As early adopters, we’ve been offering our visitors a thrilling and joyful experience of art that continues to keep all eyes on Cleveland. 

With the museum’s ArtLens app, you can explore works in the permanent collection both at the museum and from home. ArtLens allows you to personalize your experience of the museum's world-class collection and explore layers of interpretive content for artworks in Gallery One—CMA's innovative gallery that integrates art, technology, and interpretation—as well as for featured artworks throughout the museum's permanent collection and selected exhibition galleries. In the galleries, visitors can scan artworks using ArtLens to reveal additional interpretive content and select artworks to share via the award-Winning Collection Wall in Gallery One.  

New and Improved
Our recent updates to ArtLens app offer enhanced location awareness for savvy iPad, iPhone and Android visitors. The updates began early one morning, and by the end of that same day our multi-department, including Director of Technology Operation Tom Hood's excellent management of the installation, initiative oversaw a tech team that dismantled the old and embedded the new: 270 cutting edge, user amped, brainy Bluetooth Beacons mapped throughout all of our galleries.  Our RadBeacon technology sets the foundation for today’s ultimate art appreciation and tomorrow’s; CMA is future-ready for upcoming world-class exhibitions with a dedicated focus on visitor experience. 

What Exactly Does This Mean?
When you download our free ArtLens app, your smart phone engages 270 Bluetooth iBeacons that pinpoint your exact location in the museum, offering a seamless and rich experience of each work. You’ll assimilate art history and education with essential video, audio, text and still-image content that is paper-free, squint-free, and search-free. Here at CMA, our art explorers can deepen a relationship with the artwork while their knowledge of it grows.

Start at Home
Download Artlens before your museum visit to browse and choose your top must-see works. When you arrive at CMA, our Bluetooth Beacons guide you on a customized tour of your picks. Share your personal tour with others, follow in the footsteps of visitor’s that have toured before you or take CMA tours curated by our experts.

ArtLens App Means Easy Sharing
Point, shoot and upload to email, Facebook, Instagram and Tweet instantly, inspiring your friends and followers with what inspires you. Don’t miss our Award-Winning Collection Wall in Gallery One to browse, select, share and upload your favorites to create tours alongside art’s great creators.

You Teach Us
As you scan, share, upload, dive deep and highlight, ArtLens lets CMA know what makes your visit great (and what fails to inspire). We analyze visitor engagement to meet and exceed needs, tastes and trends in visitor experience. And, as a leader in the field of learning, loving and sharing art, we’re already planning new experiences and next iterations of ArtLens.

What’s Up Next?
Another app! In anticipation of the museum’s next special exhibition, Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa, we invite you to download our new CMA Senufo app, and become acquainted with the art that inspired such visionaries as Pablo Picasso and Fernand Léger, and be inspired yourself! 

In Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa,  explore the world’s most comprehensive selection of Senufo art presented in the last 50 years. Featuring more than 150 loans from museums and private collections across Europe, Canada, and the United States, the exhibition opens You can download the app before the exhibition opens, and get ready to take on an extraordinary journey which begins before you arrive. Don’t have a smartphone or tablet? No worries, we’ve got plenty pre-loaded and ready to share. Borrow one at the exhibition entrance. 

We Always Welcome Hearing From You
Ideas, comments, frustrations? We’re waiting to hear from you: galleryone [at] clevelandart.org (email us) or leave a comment below! 


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Jane Alexander

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander is the Chief Information Officer for the Cleveland Museum of Art, responsible for technology implementation and digital strategies, as well as long-term strategic planning for Information Management Systems, Media Services and Technology Services.

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