"Super Bowls" at the Cleveland Museum of Art


In celebration of the Super Bowl this weekend, here are 10 "super bowls" from the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art, currently on view at the museum! 

Bowl, c. 1940s. María Martinez (American, c. 1887-1980), and Santana Roybal Martinez (American). Earthenware, Diameter - w:23.10 cm (w:9 1/16 inches). Gift in memory of Dr. Henry L. Tapp by his family, MaryLou, Carl, and Richard Tapp 1999.191.


Bowl, c. 500-1000. Mexico, South-central Veracruz. Molded, carved, and burnished pottery, Diameter - w:17.80 cm (w:7 inches). Overall - h:11.00 w:18.00 cm (h:4 5/16 w:7 1/16 inches). Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gruener 1990.251.


Footed Bowl, 1850-1899. Italy, Venice, 19th century. Glass decorated with polychrome enamel and gilt, Overall - h:15.90 w:19.40 cm (h:6 1/4 w:7 5/8 inches). Gift of Mrs. Robert I. Gale, Jr., Mrs. Caroline Macnaughton and Fred R. White, Jr. 1962.423.


Bowl with Rattle Base, c. 900-1519. Mexico, Cholula?, Mixteca-Puebla Style, 10th-16th century. Earthenware with colored slips, Diameter - h:7.90 w:11.00 cm (h:3 1/16 w:4 5/16 inches). Overall - h:8.00 cm (h:3 1/8 inches). Bequest of Jane Taft Ingalls 1962.249


The New Yorker (Jazz) Bowl, c. 1930. Viktor Schreckengost (American, 1906-2008), made by Cowan Pottery Studio (American, -). Glazed ceramic with sgraffito design, Overall - h:28.60 w:41.30 cm (h:11 1/4 w:16 1/4 inches). John L. Severance Fund 2000.65.


Bowl with Decoration of the "Three Friends", 1426-1435. China, Jiangxi province, Jingdezhen, Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Xuande mark and reign (1426-1435). Porcelain with underglaze blue decoration, Diameter - w:30.20 cm (w:11 7/8 inches). Overall - h:11.20 cm (h:4 3/8 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1953.631.


Luster Bowl with Man Holding a Banner, 900s. Iraq, probably Baghdad, Abassid Period, 10th Century. Earthenware with luster-painted design, Diameter - w:24.20 cm (w:9 1/2 inches). Overall - h:7.40 cm (h:2 7/8 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1959.331.


Monteith Punch Bowl, 1715-1716. Fabricated by Benjamin Pyne (British). Silver gilt, Diameter - h:32.90 cm (h:12 15/16 inches). Overall - h:26.90 w:37.50 cm (h:10 9/16 w:14 3/4 inches) Wt: 143 ozs.. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Corning 1965.467.


Bowl, c. 1665. Manner of Johann Schaper (German, 1635-1670). Glass, Diameter - h:7.00 w:7.00 cm (h:2 3/4 w:2 3/4 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1950.157.


Millefiori Bowl, 1-100. Italy, Roman, 1st Century. Glass, Overall - h:4.30 w:8.70 cm (h:1 11/16 w:3 3/8 inches). Diameter of foot - w:4.00 cm (w:1 9/16 inches). General Income Fund 1919.10.

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