Recordings and Resolutions: Performing Arts Playlist

The Cleveland Museum of Art's Performing Arts team is offering a new series of curated music playlists, highlighting a mix of artists and repertoire the museum presents, or has presented, admires, or encourages the world to know about, here on our blog. With these musical tools at our fingertips, why not share?

All those resolutions are gone and forgotten by now, but the world of music and sound continues to expand and fragment in ever-surprising ways. New recordings of old music and old recordings of new music find their way to us, making an auditory landscape of fractals and kaleidoscopes everywhere we look (and listen). This most recent playlist features music by Stefan Wolpe, Carl Stone, Julius Eastman, Haakon Thelin and others. Meet us back here in a few weeks for another CMA Performing Arts on Spotify soundtrack. We hope you enjoy! 



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