Easter Hunt at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Looking for a fun activity for Easter weekend? Take the Cleveland Museum of Art easter hunt challenge by finding these nine works from our collection. 

Find these three rabbits. 

Hare, early 700s North China, Tang dynasty (618-907) white marble, Overall - h:9.40 w:11.30 d:20.20 cm (h:3 11/16 w:4 7/16 d:7 15/16 inches).Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1984.6


Albarello with Two Rabbits, 1300s Spain, Paterna, 14th century tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica), Overall - h:22.30 w:9.90 cm (h:8 3/4 w:3 7/8 inches). In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humphreys, gift of their daughter Helen 1943.276



Mortuary Figures of the Zodiac Signs, 500s China, Northern Wei dynasty (386-534) gray earthenware with traces of slip, Overall - h:22.60 cm (h:8 7/8 inches). The Norweb Collection 1972.76


Find one hen and a flower plate 

Hen and Chicks Tureen, c. 1755 Chelsea Porcelain Factory (British) porcelain, Overall - h:24.80 w:34.90 d:25.70 cm (h:9 3/4 w:13 11/16 d:10 1/16 inches). Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1984.58


Find these three eggs


Lapis Lazuli Easter Egg with Crown and Ruby Egg Surprise, late 1800s - early 1900s firm of Peter Carl Fabergé (Russian, 1846-1920) gold, enamel, lapis lazuli, pearls, diamonds, rubies, Overall - h:5.90 w:4.50 cm (h:2 5/16 w:1 3/4 inches). The India Early Minshall Collection 1966.436


Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg, 1915 firm of Peter Carl Fabergé (Russian, 1846-1920), fabricated by Henrik Wigström (Russian, 1862-1923)gold, silver, enamel, glass, Overall - h:8.60 w:6.35 cm (h:3 3/8 w:2 1/2 inches). The India Early Minshall Collection 1963.673


Egg with Gold Stand and Easel and Photograph, before 1896 made by Alexander Edward Tillander (Russian) gold, enamel, sapphire, gold easel and stand, photograph covered with faceted green glass, . The India Early Minshall Collection 1966.435


And finally find one basket


Gift Bowl, c 1890s California, Wintu, late 19th century coiled, beads, shells, Overall - h:9.00 w:22.25 cm (h:3 1/2 w:8 3/4 inches). Presented by William Albert Price in memory of Mrs. William Albert Price 1917.464


Have fun and happy hunting! 

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