Top 5 Favorite Spots @ CMA

The Cleveland Museum of Art is obviously an art lover’s paradise. Galleries full of spectacular pieces of art, it can boast being one of the top 5 institutions in the nation. And there is the building itself that recently underwent a massive renovation and brought to all of us, even in infamously cloudy Cleveland, a glimpse of sunlight with the dazzling atrium. I, as an avid art and museum enthusiast , appreciate every square inch of the museum, but just like everyone else have my favorites areas.

 A knight and his fellow men stand at the ready in the Armor Court. 


1. The Armor Court and Rotunda: What’s not to love about a hall filled with medieval armor? When entering the gallery from the Rotunda, you are immediately struck by the ‘knight in shining armor’ sitting astride his noble steed. The innovative placement of the other pieces of armor, the stone walls, and tapestries lining the walls makes me feel as if I could jump back in time to a classic jousting session

2. Gallery 247: Gallery 247 features impressive pieces of Indian and Southeast Asian Art, but what makes it really stand out is that it’s not your average brick and mortar gallery. These works of colossal heads of deities and dancing gods are housed in an incredibly unique glass gallery. On a sunny day, the light shining in making me feel a sense of simple contentment that goes along with the serene expressions of the statues’ faces. 


A view of Colossal Head of a Deva, c. 1200 in the glass-walled Gallery 247.

Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker, (1880-81) looks out pensively over the South Terrace.

3. South Terrace: The view is fantastic, the outdoor sculptures inspiring, and the atmosphere calming. A little slice of heaven in the midst of bustling University Circle, the museum’s South Terrace has been the site of many a wedding, summer MIX at CMA or just an impromptu photo shoot with friends. Highlighting the 1916 building perfectly, the South Terrace is what visitors get a glimpse of on their drive in from Euclid Avenue and is the beautiful face of the museum, drawing people to experience the institution.

4.  Provenance Café Seating: What more could anyone love than to grab a latte, an artisan pastry and sip the afternoon away enjoying the bamboo trees, vast views and sculpture of the atrium? The seating area outside the Café has always been a favorite museum space of mine since its inception and is the perfect place to catch up with friends, rest your feet after a day full of gallery viewing and to relax.


5. Impressionist Gallery: In Gallery 222 on the second floor in the East Wing, soft colors, budding blooms and boating parties come alive with the Impressionist gallery. From Monet to Gauguin, the walls of the gallery abound with brushstroke and innovative uses of color. It all combines to give the space a sense of invitation; to stop, drink in the views, and fall in love with nature.

 One of the many gems of the Impressionist gallery, Van Gogh’s The Large Plane Trees (Road Menders at Saint-Rémy), c. 1889

Where are your favorite places in the museum? Comment below or share them with us @ClevelandArt on Twitter or on Instagram with #clevelandmuseumofart 




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Tori Laser

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Tori Laser is a junior at John Carroll University studying art history with a focus on communications. She is interning this summer in the Communications and Marketing Department at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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