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This Week at the CMA: New Centennial Loans, Botanical Prints, Pharaoh and more

Check out these five must-attend events this week at the CMA!

Centennial Loans: Luba mask
Fri, 3/25
Mon, 6/13 
In celebration of its centennial year, the Cleveland Museum of Art is marking its anniversary with a series of exceptional loans from select collections around the world. This Friday, visitors can see this striking face mask, an undisputed masterwork of the Luba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This mask is one of more than 2,000 African works gifted to the Seattle Art Museum by Cleveland native Katherine Coryton White in 1980. 
Sat, 3/26–Sun, 7/3
Opening this Saturday, this show traces the history of the fruit and flower print from its beginnings as simple black-and-white woodcuts in late 15th-century herbals to the splendors of 19th-century color prints and the lavish publications of botanists Dr. Robert Thornton and Pierre Joseph Redouté.
Wed, 3/23, 7 p.m.
This Wednesday, check out this gorgeously filmed existential fantasy that follows two identical women living in Poland and France. One is a singer, the other a music teacher, and though they are unknown to each other, they share a strong, strange bond.


Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt
Through Sun, 6/12
After a sell-out opening weekend, check out the CMA’s new blockbuster exhibition that invites you to uncover the stories behind ancient Egypt’s legendary rulers through stunning objects from the vast Egyptian holdings of the British Museum. Photos are allowed in this special exhibition. Share your pics on social media with #CMAPharaoh. Advance ticket purchase highly recommended. 


Final Weeks
The CMA’s centennial loans are on view for a short period before being returned to their generous lending museums. Visit the CMA to see the centennial loan Bang thru 3/27, and Portrait of Alfonso d’Avalos, Marchese del Vasto, in Armor with a Page thru 4/3.
For a list of all upcoming exhibitions and events at the Cleveland Museum of Art, see our online calendar.

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