Friday Feature: MIX Femme Flash Writing

On March 4th, the CMA held MIX: Femme, one of the monthly MIX at CMA events featuring art, music, and more. At this event, the activity was a Flash Writing session led by Scribes Unlimited's Paola Amaras and Paul Kraly. See below for an overview of the activity via Paola and Paul, and for a few images of these stories. Share your ideas and additional story lines in the comments below!

"We had such a blast doing the Flash Writing Activity for the MIX:FEMME! The entire premise of the activity was to highlight art created by women featured in CMA’s collection.  Scribes Unlimited – Paola Amaras  and Paul Kraly – selected different works with the help of CMA’s Bethany Corriveau, assigned different genres, and wrote the opening lines of a short story that fell within that genre. There were several choices; from crime and detective stories, to romance, historical, mystery, science-fiction and more. We started each story then left the continuing sagas up to the MIX-FEMME guests, who stood in line to write sentences and meander the tales along.  As the evening progressed, the stories got wilder and funnier, and everyone seemed to have their creativity on!  So as promised, here are the tales the guests came up with! If you feel the urge to comment and add your own two cents, please do! Let’s see if you can lead us into a new adventure!" - Paola Amaras and Paul Kraly, Scribes Unlimited 


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