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  • Centennial Chocolate Bar

Unwrapping the Centennial Chocolate Bar: Sweet Moses Celebrates the Museum’s 100th Birthday with Custom-made Confection

Some things are best celebrated with chocolate.

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop has created a special-edition Centennial Chocolate Bar to commemorate the Cleveland Museum of Art’s 100th anniversary. The handmade bars, available in both milk and dark chocolate and now on sale at the museum’s Provenance Café, feature a relief of CMA’s iconic 1916 building.   

The creative process was just as sweet of an experience, according to Sweet Moses founder Jeff Moreau. To find out more about how this delicious and artful treat was produced, read below. 

Step One: The Photo

It all started with a photo and an idea. Moreau took this photo of the museum’s original Beaux Arts-style building and envisioned it as a beautiful and delectable chocolate bar.


Step Two: The Artwork

Moreau then took the photo and CMA logo to a custom mould manufacturer where their design team translated it into an illustration. The challenge was create a simplified illustration that could be used to create a chocolate mould, while keeping enough detail to capture the building’s unique character.


Step Three: The Mould

The approved illustration was then engraved onto a plate, which was used to create a model —essentially a mould for the moulds. The model was then used to make a set of two-cavity polycarbonate chocolate bar moulds, from which the bars were created.


Step Four: The Finished Product

The chocolatier at Sweet Moses hand-pipes tempered Belgian chocolate (milk and dark) into the moulds. After the chocolate sets overnight, the bars are carefully removed, and voila! The finished product! A beautifully hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, special-edition chocolate bar. 

“Watching the CMA Centennial Chocolate Bar transform from a photo to the finished product was really exciting,” says Sweet Moses founder Jeff Moreau. “We even captured the Rodin sculpture on the front steps!”

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