MIX at CMA: Metal in Art

Tonight, head to the museum for MIX: Metal, with activities, music, and demonstrations inspired by iron, gold, bronze, silver, and more in the Armor Court and the exhibition Myth and Mystique: Cleveland’s Gothic Table Fountain. For more metallic inspiration, check out these works of art in the museum’s galleries at MIX.  


Treasured for nearly eight thousand years by civilizations all over the world, gold objects are on view in every wing of the museum. In the Egyptian gallery you’ll see gold rings, amulets, and a delicate headdress shaped like a vulture. Tiny pieces of lapis lazuli, turquoise, and petrified wood are set between thin sheets of gold to form the details of the wing and tail. 



First mined in what is now modern-day Turkey over five thousand years ago, silver has also long been a highly-valued metal. Decorated with tiny, detailed enamel scenes set in engraved gilt-silver plaques on a backing made from woven silver thread, the belt for a lady’s dress on view in Gallery 110A is a luxurious and rare object from the fourteenth century. 



An alloy of copper and tin, bronze was first used in the Middle East, India, and China around six thousand years ago. This bronze bell, on view in Gallery 241, could sound two different notes depending on what area was struck. The loop at the top features two tigers intertwined with a serpent. 


Tonight at MIX: Metal, check out more metal favorites in the Armor Court and the contemporary galleries, plus get the chance to touch real armor at the Art Cart and make your own tooled foil family crest. Don’t miss it! 

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