An Illustrated Guide to Planning your Holiday Celebrations

Tip #1: Choose guests carefully in order to avoid awkward silences.


John Sloan, The Rathskeller, 1901

Tip #2: Location, location, location! Select the right venue for holiday cheer.


Edouard Vuillard, Café Wepler, c. 1908-1910, reworked in 1912

Tip #3: If entertaining at home bust out (not literally!) the good crystal.


Flute Glass, early 1600s

Tip #4: Before guests assemble, liberally test the libations… just to make sure.


Annibale Caracci, Boy Drinking, 1582-1583

Tip #5: Dust the buffet shelves, or if yours aren’t this fancy, cover them with sparkly fabric artfully bunched!


Attributed to Joseph Alexis Bailly, Sideboard, c. 1855 Tip

#6: Trot out your finery.


Frans Pourbus, Portrait of King Louis XIII of France, 1611

Tip #7: Encourage party hats and pets. (And party hats for pets.)


Mary Spain, Girl with Birds, 1977

Tip #8: You might need to warn revelers about overdoing the noise. Inebriation is no excuse!


Giovanni Battista Langetti, The Vision of Saint Jerome, c. 1660

Tip #9: Fireworks are appropriate at any season!


Ando Hiroshige, Fireworks at Ryogoku (from the series 100 Views of Famous Places in Edo), 1858

Tip #10: May as well keep the merriment going. Have another but watch your step.


Jacques Callot, Drinker Seen From Behind

Tip #11 (for the morning after): Resolve not to overdo next time!


Pierre Puget, A Philosopher, 1662

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Hilton, Dale

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Dale directs the Teaching and Learning area of the Education Department overseeing Distance Learning, Art To Go, and the Teacher Resource Center. She holds an M.A. in Art History from The University of Chicago and a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the co-author of Japanese Prints Today: Tradition with Innovation and has produced in conjunction with the Distance Learning staff forty-seven videoconference topics.

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