CMA's New Banners: “For the Benefit of all the People Forever”

“For the Benefit of All the People Forever”

This statement is the bedrock on which the CMA was built. The idea continues to resonate, but it has new and poignant significance more than one hundred years later. For this reason, the Cleveland Museum of Art reaffirms its commitment to all visitors: you are welcome here. 

“The museum’s mission is as relevant and important today as it was over one hundred years ago,” CMA's Director William Griswold noted. “It remains a place to explore history and creativity, a venue for the exchange of ideas, and an institution where neighbors can celebrate their differences and reflect on their shared humanity. In today’s increasingly fractured society, our mandate—to serve “all the people”—resonates more loudly and widely than ever before.”

In affirmation of our mission, the CMA has unfurled new banners – see below for images of the banner installation. 

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