Parade the Circle Tent Up NOW!

Parade the Circle’s public workshop tent, more than 110,000 cubic feet of creative space, is up NOW in the CWRU School of Law parking lot off East Boulevard. Over the following weeks, the energy builds as a team of nearly 40 artists work side by side with a few hundred Clevelanders to develop the imaginative spirit that is the parade. Our team is there to nurture and support all manner of artistic expression. Everyone is welcome to participate or to simply wander through the tent and become immersed in the creative process. The atmosphere is peaceful during the first two weeks, punctuated with great bursts of activity during the weekend workshops.

Artists and community members brainstorm, draw, and test prototypes. The energy surges on Stilt Weekend, May 13 and 14, as dozens of new moko jumbies try out their tall legs. By Memorial Day we are on the homestretch. Tall things are everywhere. Painting and costume detailing are in full swing. Stop by to see artists at work, participate in workshops, or learn how to dance on stilts. But be sure to come back June 10 for the parade at noon and the festivities at Circle Village.

Guest Author

VanLear, Robin

The Cleveland Museum of Art

As director of the department of Community Arts Robin has created 4 of the museum’s signature outreach programs: Parade the Circle, The I Madonnari Chalk Festival, the Winter Lights Lantern Festival, and the Community Festivals program. She sets the overall department vision, creates the annual program themes and develops the community partners. Robin joined the museum in 1989 and has an MFA in sculpture and performance art from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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