Serenity in Reeds and Geese: Japanese Art from the Collection of George Gund III

The Reeds and Geese: Japanese Art from the Collection of George Gund III exhibition is now open! The design of the exhibition, held in the Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Exhibition Gallery, incorporates items that reflect the culture of medieval Japan, which adds to the tranquil feeling of the artwork. As you enter the exhibit, you are met with a beautiful Ikebana flower arrangement that sets a relaxing tone that follows you as you make your way through the space. 

The focus of this exhibition revolves around the museum’s expanded collection of 14th through 17th century Japanese ink and calligraphy paintings, as well as 12th through 16th century Japanese ceramics, which come from the collection of Cleveland native, George Gund III. 

The exhibition is broken up into three separate galleries that show the different aspects of medieval Japanese art and has 20 works from the bequest on show, including some pieces that have not been put out since the Ink Paintings and Ash-Glazed Ceramics exhibition in 2000. 

At the end of the exhibition, there is a meditation area for you to sit, relax, and reflect on the beautiful and elegant works that you have just viewed. This exhibit is truly a serene and intimate experience that takes you back in time to the beauty of medieval Japan. 




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