10 Ideas for Father’s Day in the Galleries

Need some ideas about what to do for your dad on Father’s Day? Here’s a few inspired by works of art in the CMA’s collection. 


1)Take him out to the ball game! 


R. B. Kitaj, The Cleveland Indian (After Eakins), 1995-1998


2) Throw him a party with music, food, and friends. 


Muhammad Ali, A feast in a pavilion setting, c. 1620


3) Get him that gadget he’s been dreaming of. 


Microscope, c. 1745- 1765. France, mid-18th century


4) Or head out for a day at the races! 


Giovanni Francesco Toscani, Panel from a Cassone: The Race of the Palio in the Streets of Florence, 1418

5) Find a great spot to go for a hike together. 


Albert Bierstadt, Yosemite Valley, 1866


6) Play some board games (you could even let him win…maybe). 


Gaming Table, c. 1735, Germany, Mainz, 18th century


7) He’d probably appreciate it if you washed the dishes… 


Roger Parry, Dirty Sink, 1930


8) … so he has time for a nice long afternoon nap. (Sheep optional.) 


Pierre Alexandre Wille, A Sleeping Shepherd, 1700s-1800s


9) You could even get a bunch of balloons, if you’re feeling punny. (Because when they explode they say his name: “Pop!” Get it? He’ll probably appreciate that joke, too.)   


Martin Creed, Work No. 965. Half the Air in a Given Space, 2008


10) But no matter what you do for your dad on Father’s Day, don’t forget to give him a great big hug. 


John Woodrow Wilson, Father and Child, 1970


PS: One more suggestion, the best idea of all: take your dad to the art museum! 


Frederick Gottwald, View of The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1916

Wishing all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!


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