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The Book Arts Society is the Cleveland Museum of Art’s first bibliophilic friends group. The society intends to bring together art lovers and bibliophiles who increase awareness of the Ingalls Library’s mission, programming, and collections. Members also help support the library’s permanent collection by underwriting important annual acquisitions. 

The Society holds bi-annual meetings focused on a book arts theme chosen by the members. Topics range from illuminated manuscripts to artist books to book conservation.  The first meeting each year consists of educational programming, including in-depth gallery talks, lectures, workshops, access to private collections, local artists, and curators. The second meeting is an opportunity for members to view potential items for acquisition, discuss the items and vote for their favorite new acquisition.  

The main goals of the Book Arts Society are to garner financial support from individuals on an annual basis in support of noteworthy acquisitions, to increase awareness of the library’s collections through educational opportunities and strengthening ties to the community, and in the long term, to establish an endowment for the art library, which underpins the research and scholarly mission of The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Book Arts Society members are asked for an annual contribution of $500 per member in support of the Society’s chosen project.  This support is in addition to one’s current membership and other museum support.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Book Arts Society, please contact Leslie Cade, Interim Director of Library and Archives, for more information at lcade [at] or by phone at 216-707-2492.