Recent Acquisition: Virgin and Child in Majesty (Sedes Sapientiae)

Posted on November 29, 2012 by ClevelandArt

This extremely rare Romanesque wood sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary’s role in important Christian doctrine. It belongs to a type known as Sedes Sapientiae (the Throne of Wisdom). The subject shows the Virgin Mary’s role as principal mediator between God and man in the Incarnation, the moment in which Christ became human. In this sculpture, Mary is seated frontally and hieratically on a throne.

Recap: Highlights Tour

Posted on July 5, 2012 by ClevelandArt

Way back in 2008, when the Cleveland Museum of Art reopened a good portion of its permanent collection to the public, some friends and I decided to spend an afternoon checking out the galleries. Stepping into the brand new entrance to the 1916 building, the first thing we were greeted with was Jeptha Wade’s Portrait of Nathaniel Olds, a man from the 1830s wearing what appeared to be a sweet pair of sunglasses:


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