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Exhibition Preview: Black in America: Louis Draper and Leonard Freed

Posted on February 22, 2017 by cmoore

The CMA's next exhibition Black in America: Louis Draper and Leonard Freed opens Sun, 2/26.

This exhibition presents two views of African American daily life during the civil rights era through the photographs of Louis Draper, a black fine art photographer, and Leonard Freed, a white photojournalist.

Cleveland Museum of Art to Auction Works at Sotheby’s

CLEVELAND (February 14, 2017) – As part of the ongoing review of its collections, the Cleveland Museum of Art has identified 12 Indian and Southeast Asian artworks for deaccessioning through public auction. In keeping with the museum’s policy and the accepted guidelines established by the field, all proceeds from the sale of these works will be used to support future art acquisitions. The decision to deaccession these works was recommended by the museum curatorial and senior staff and the motion was passed unanimously by the museum’s Board of Trustees collections committee. 


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