FILM + Q&A First They Killed My Father (2017)

Friday, November 24, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.
Gartner Auditorium

Cleveland-based Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung shares her unimaginable experiences as a child laborer and soldier-in-training under the brutal and fanatical Khmer Rouge regime. Now the topic of a Netflix original film directed and co-written by Angelina Jolie, Loung’s powerful personal story and the broader history of the Cambodian genocide are beautifully and heartrendingly portrayed through the eyes of a young girl. Selected as the Cambodian entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming 90th Academy Awards, this film is presented at the museum in conjunction with the special exhibition. Free, ticket required

For this sole public screening on a big screen in Cleveland, Loung Ung will join us for a Q&A after the film, moderated by Sonya Rhie Mace, George P. Bickford Curator of Indian and Southeast Asian Art.