Thai Yoga Massage—Reden Yoga

Sunday, August 24, 2014, 11:00 a.m.
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Exhibition Hall

Thai Yoga Massage brings penetrating massage & gentle yoga movements into a profound healing system. According to Ayurvedic science, there is an extensive network of energy lines running throughout the body. It is through the massaging and stretching of this network of energy lines that Thai Yoga Massage releases tension. By allowing energy to flow more freely, the massage works to alleviate problematic conditions. In this session we will learn of Thai massage’s roots in yoga and practice a few postures on one another. This class is hands-on and will require the ability to move about, getting up from and down onto the floor easily.

Reden Yoga is the heart- and brain-child of Elizabeth Miller, where she offers individual viniyoga sessions and Thai yoga massage. Elizabeth's gentle, yet powerful teaching style helps students accept themselves as they are and uncover their sacred perfection. Following an ancient tradition honoring the five dimensions of humanity, Elizabeth weaves a class that touches the physical, mental, energetic, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of our being.