Parade Theme

2015 THEME


To Beat - To Breathe - To Create

Our initial interest was in the word animal and then the word animate. Assuming they must share the same Latin root, we were curious to know what it was. Both come from anima meaning "spirit, soul, breath, or mind." The original definition of animate is "to bring to life" or "to create." Following the thread of roots we looked up the word spirit, discovering its roots are virtually the same, spiritus (breath) and spirare (to breathe).

Our discussions of these overlapping meanings led to the question, what is behind the breath, what is our driving force? Our answer was the beat, the engine for our being. We felt this single word exemplified the shared energy among all living beings, human, or other animal.

In this 25th anniversary year of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we celebrate the many varied ways to animate, to create, to live.

Note: The parade theme helps to unify parade entries, especially the major ensembles. Groups are not required to follow it, but may find it a helpful guide in designing their own entries.

See parade history for past themes.