Mercan Dede & Secret Tribe

11:45 p.m.
South Terrace Stage

Arkin Ilicali, known worldwide through his many musical endeavors as Mercan Dede (and also DJ Arkin Allen),  has shared the stage and played producer to various notable names from the genres of classical, world, and alternative music. He was also the musical director of the,“Güldestan Projesi,” a show started by the Turkish Cultural Ministry and a worldwide representative of Turkey’s contribution to culture with choreography and stage management by Beyhan Murphy.

Starting out with a plastic water pipe he fashioned himself to resemble a ney, Mercan Dede has dedicated his life to creating art that brings people together. Through projects that span the globe, each one as different and special as the one before, Mercan Dede is much more than one person, he’s can only be called an entity; one that encapsulates his style, his personality, and even his other persona as DJ Arkin Allen. Far be it to say he’s an artist above all others, he’s original in his style and message, and his unique creativity will certainly leave an imprint in this world, showcasing one of the unmatched talents of this generation.