images: Exterior of the Transformer Station building
  • images: Exterior of the Transformer Station building

Transformer Station

The Cleveland Museum of Art at Transformer Station presents significant new contemporary art projects, programming exhibitions and performing arts events at the venue on an annual basis. The Transformer Station, located in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood on the city’s west side, is a place for the museum to uncover new opportunities, take risks and explore new ideas and new media. 

In collaboration with the Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Foundation.

Upcoming contemporary art programs featured at CMA at Transformer Station include: 

Lebanese-American photographer Rania Matar uses the portrait to examine the nature of female identity in girlhood, adolescence, and middle age in the United States and the Middle East. Born and raised in Beirut of Palestinian descent, Matar has lived in the United States since 1984. In her art, she emphasizes “underlying similarities rather than apparent differences across cultures,” and looks for the “beauty in our shared humanity.”

Sun, 10/27/2018 to Sun, 01/13/2019