Gallery One


About Gallery One

INNOVATION UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Gallery One will be temporarily closed starting Monday, March 6 2017 through June 2017. The STUDIO and WALL will still be open!


Gallery One will reopen in June 2017 as the ArtLens Exhibition. The goal of the Exhibition is to be an experiential gallery that puts you, the viewer, into conversation with masterpieces of art, encouraging engagement on a personal, emotional level. The art selection and barrier-free digital interactives will inspire you to approach the museum’s collection with greater curiosity, confidence, and understanding. Transitioning away from the touchscreen technology that Gallery One relied upon, the Exhibition interactives will use barrier-free, gesture-sensing projections that respond seamlessly to body movement and facial recognition as you approach, immersing you in the experience. There are 16 new and innovative games, centered on the following themes: Composition, Symbols, Gestures and Emotion, and Purpose. The Exhibition will feature a smaller collection of artworks (20) that are all new to the space. Each artwork will have two corresponding games in different themes, allowing you to dive deeper into understanding the object. Rather than screens positioned in front of the artworks, the Exhibition will reverse the experience with the artwork positioned in the foreground


Gallery One (closed temporarily starting March 6 2017): 

Come experience what everybody’s talking about: Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art. This innovative gallery blends art, technology, and interpretation to inspire you to explore the museum’s permanent collection. Gallery One offers something for everyone, from those who are having their first art museum experience to frequent visitors.

Inside the gallery, you’ll have a chance to see real works of art from the museum’s collection, including masterpieces by Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Viktor Schreckengost, Giovanni Panini, and Chuck Close. Hands-on and technology-based activities give you the chance to explore these works of art like never before. Through fun games and facts, you’ll learn how works of art are made, where they come from, and why they are produced.

This revolutionary space also features the largest multitouch MicroTile screen in the United States, which displays images of over 4,100 objects from the museum’s world-renowned permanent collection. This 40-foot Collection Wall allows you to shape your own tours of the museum and to discover the full breadth of the collections on view throughout the museum’s galleries.

Enhance your visit to the museum by using ArtLens, the museum’s new app for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Before, during, or after your visit, you can enjoy over nine hours of additional multimedia content, including audio tour segments, videos, and additional contextual information. Worried about getting lost in the galleries? The interactive map in ArtLens uses iBeacon technology to help guide your way and find works of art with additional content nearby. In an unprecedented combination of technology interfaces, iOS and Android devices can be docked at the Collection Wall, where visitors are able to save objects from the wall to their device, creating a list of favorites. Favorites can then be shared via social media or used to create a custom tour. This feature allows visitors to “walk” the museum, both physically and virtually from off site. Taken together, this suite of new interfaces transforms the visitor experience by extending the access and creative agency of each individual visitor.