What is ArtLens?

ArtLens is the Cleveland Museum of Art's app, which allows you to explore works in the permanent collection both at the museum and from home. ArtLens allows you to personalize your experience of the museum's world-class collection and explore layers of interpretive content for artworks in Gallery One—CMA's innovative gallery that integrates art, technology, and interpretation—as well as for featured artworks throughout the museum's permanent collection and selected exhibition galleries. In the galleries, visitors can scan artworks using ArtLens to reveal additional interpretive content and select artworks to share via the award-Winning Collection Wall in Gallery One.  
ArtLens on Your iPad, iPhone, or Android

ArtLens is available for download to your iPad 3+ (iOS7+), iPhone 4S+ (iOS7+), or Android device (4.3+ and up) for free, in the iTunes app store and Google Play store. Once you've downloaded the ArtLens to your device, launch the app—but be patient! The first time you launch ArtLens, it may take 10 or more minutes to install and upload the collection to provide a more streamlined experience. We promise, it's worth the wait!

Tip: Download and launch your application before visiting the museum, so you can begin immediately when you arrive.

Help/Questions: galleryone [at] clevelandart.org (subject: ArtLens%20question) (Email us!)

The application has five main features:

  • Near You Now (iPad) | Galleries (iPhone/Android)—Using the museum's indoor wayfinding technology, you can discover artworks in the collection that have expanded interpretive content, including video, in any gallery.  You can also use this feature to browse the museum's collection and create a path to explore artworks that interest you most.
  • Scanning – Employing innovative image recognition software, ArtLens can recognize artworks in the collection seamlessly, offering access to additional interpretive content.  A special icon indicates which artworks have this feature: 
  • Today (iPad) | Museum (iPhone/Android)—also includes restrooms, restaurant, exits) – Get a daily snapshot of exhibitions and events occurring at the museum.
  • Favorites (iPad) | You (iPhone/Android)—Save favorite works of art and share through Facebook, Twitter, text and, email.  You can also create personalized tours which can be shared with other visitors.
  • Tours—Select from both museum-created and visitor-created tours. The mapping feature in ArtLens helps visitors locate specific artworks and navigate tours.

The smartphone versions of the ArtLens application also include:

  • Search – Quickly find favorite artworks by artist name or title that are currently on view 
  • Top Ten –  Explore the ever-changing list of visitor-chosen favorites, as well as curators’ top picks of must-see artworks
  • Gallery List  Search the entire collection on view by gallery.  Select gallery button at the bottom of the “Gallery” map page
  • Related Artworks –  Discover the hidden treasures in the collection from any object based on its collection, time period, and material, using the dynamic recommendation logic developed for the Collection Wall in Gallery One
To reveal onsite content in the galleries:
  • Find an artwork marked with the round ArtLens icon:  In the galleries, the icon appears with the wall label. In the Artlens, the icon is light blue, and appears in the upper left corner of artwork images in Near You Now (iPad) or Galleries (iPhone), and below the favorite button on artwork detail pages.
  • Stand directly in front of the art. 
  • Click the scan logo. This is found both in bottom right hand corner of the screen and on the artwork detail pages for scannable artwork.  
  • When the camera aperture appears/opens, hold your iPad up vertically in front of the artwork you wish to scan.
  • Content will appear linked to specific features of the artwork. Lower your iPad to a comfortable position, and learn about the artwork.  

Please note:

  • There is no sound associated with the videos in Gallery One.
  • Videos associated with objects in other galleries have narration. We encourage you to bring headphones. 
  • Ear buds are available for purchase in the museum store for $2.95.


Don't have a device?

The museum has iPads and iPod Touches available for rental at the desk located inside Gallery One, near the Collection Wall. The rental fee is $5 per iPad. We will hold your valid driver's license or student ID until return.

An iPad, iPhone, or Android device is not required to experience many aspects of Gallery One.


Copyright Restrictions

Reproduction, including downloading of works by Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Carlo Bugatti, Salvador Dali, Andre Derain, Otto Dix, Rene Lalique, Suzanne Lalique, Lee Krasner, Jacob Lawrence, Charles Loupot, Man Ray, Reginald Marsh, Henri Matisse, Barnett Newman, Pablo Picasso, Marc Rothko, Yves Tanguy, Kay Sage, Andy Warhol, and Wilfred Zogbaum is prohibited by copyright laws and international conventions without the express written permission of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.